Guest Blogger Series: Mark Rogers digs into our hearts through poetry

“I am a senior Mathematics Major from Sacramento California. On campus I love to play intramural sports, be involved with Core Christian Fellowship, root for my Broncos at any sport, read poetry at open mic nights, relax in the sunshine with friends, and go to any event that offers free food.” -Mark Rogers 



Hey, how are you doing?

I’m good, I’m good, I’m fine

Whatcha up to?

I’m playing Frisbee in February sunshine

We’re watchin TV, swappin cds

Studying together, discussing the weather, ragging on bad professors

We’re talking about last weeks rager, or stalking the hot next door neighbor

through the window

(on Facebook)

 Or there is the alcohologic cycle, like the hydrologic cycle, but for kids at college

Going round and round the perpetual partying process

 It goes that Monday & Tuesday chillin’ in the ocean

Awaiting Wednesday nights coming commotion

Wednesday evaporates into another state of mind

Thursday condensation in anticipation for weekend fun

Friday Night is here, with plenty of beer, and down the rain comes

The reigning beer pong champ, shot sunk!

The rain of tears from the emotional drunk

Sunday is homework

Monday is back to the ocean of “Oh Sh…” time to repeat the cycle again

 So there’s all this stuff, much of it fine and fun, but for me it’s not enough

I feel stuck…

In the shallow end of this pool of life

 We’re kids playing, getting wet, jumping off the little step

But I don’t think I’m alone when I wonder, what’s deeper? In that deep end?

Staying in the shallow end makes sense; it’s the safe zone

But in the deep end there’s so much more in every person to be known

 There’s so much depth to every person

What are your joys & sorrows?

What’s your hearts desire? What sets you on fire?

What are your fears for tomorrow?

 What’s holding us back?

Maybe we have sarcastic floaties, that won’t let us dive deep because jokes are comfortable and they aren’t serious…or are they?

 Maybe we’ve made the media our Mommy

She says stay shallow, it’s safe.

She says it’s all about how you appear, your popularity with your peers. Don’t go to the deep end that’s off-limits”

 Well I’m not gonna listen, I’m swimming on a mission

to the deep end.

 So, how are you really doing?

 Last year I had a gnarly black eye, everyone stopped as I passed by

They stopped and asked, why? What happened? Are you fine?

5,10, 20, people a day, would STOP.

and say, Mark are you okay?

I’d say I’m good, it doesn’t hurt, but thank you so much for your concern

 Their love and compassion lifted my spirit, but it made me wonder

If we saw the black eyes & bruises on people’s hearts, would we act more loving to one another?

 If we saw bruises on our friends heart, past the smiling façade

I think we’d realize that very often our hearts hurt a lot

Let’s adjust our focus, zoom in past appearance

Then maybe we’d notice our friends heart and their spirit

 Jesus taught about the Good Samaritan who stopped, when everyone passed by

The hurting man on the side of the road, alone, left to die

So will we notice? Will we stop?

And say how are you really doing?

 Cuz sometimes I’m fine

But sometimes I find that I am that man on the side of the road dying inside

Sometimes in class it’s hard to focus, because inside my heart is broken

Concerned for my family, missing a girl, or just angry at injustice in this world

At times I feel doubtful, hurt, and lonely

I just want a friend to care for and know me

 Our culture creates superficial emphasis on external things we “need”

But I deeply hunger for honesty and authenticity

 When I look at Jesus, he exemplifies being real & deep.

He’d discern humility from pride, truth from a lie, and see inside the heart so people have nothing to hide

 Jesus reminds us it’s not how we appear but the heart that matters

Lets try to know one another deeper and start a new pattern

Ya I know we’re all busy, & have lots of things to do

But how bout just once a day, let’s stop and ask truly, how are you?

Cuz being real about how we’re feeling is the first step toward healing

So let’s open up to a friend and stop needing to pretend

Jesus commanded us to love one another as he first loved us

And he cared for the heart, so let’s do our part & start

Looking deeper


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